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Order the Unlock Code of your LG Optimus L5 II

Important: Select the Network your LG Optimus L5 II is originally from. Do NOT select the network you want to use.

When I order an Unlock Code for my LG Optimus L5 II, what will I receive?

We provide you with the Unlock Code to permanently unlock your LG Optimus L5 II.


In case your LG Optimus L5 II requires multiple Unlock Codes, all Unlock Codes necessary to unlock your LG Optimus L5 II are automatically sent to you.


We also provide detailed instructions on How To Unlock your LG Optimus L5 II. In most cases the procedure is very easy:


Our Support Team is there to help with any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us anytime!

How to Unlock LG Optimus L5 II?

1. Turn on your phone with a non accepted SIM card
2. Type 2945 # * 460 # to enter unlock menu
3. Enter the unlocking code obtained on our site!

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Other names for LG Optimus L5 II

  • LG E460
  • LG Optimus L5 2
  • LG LG-E460

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